• Green construction refers a environmental responsible and resource-efficient building. Objectifs of green buildings are to reduct overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by: efficiently using energy, water, and other resources, protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity, reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation...

Home Automation & Building Control

Inside a luxury houseKNX home automation and Phuket Technology & Service integrate your electronic devices in one global system. You will be given the unique opportunity to control your house just with a simple button. Lighting, blinds, shutter, curtains, intrusion alarm, air conditioning and audio/video equipment are a short range of items that can be integrated together in a single monitoring system. Your home adapts itself automatically depending on a scheduled configuration or on your specific orders.

With home automation, your residence is more comfortable, more agreeable and redesigned. You can monitor or control your home everywhere and at any time. In other words:


KNX home automation and Phuket Technology & Service use the same technology that the one commercial and industrial buildings use. Needs of monitoring and controlling the building technical installation is very important. Many control options are available such as energy, water, power production, air quality, fire or flood alarm...

KNX partner certifiedHome Automation offers a large panel of options. Phuket Technology & Services promotes only scalable and professional solution. We are certified KNX, the only worldwide standard for home and building control!

Smart House

KNX home automation and Phuket Technology & Service improve the comfort of your residence. Your house becomes more ergonomic, efficient and economic. Welcome in the smart house!     Why choosing home automation? Home automation is exactly what it sounds like: automating

Green Building

Green Building or Sustainable Building is the new trend in most building projects. Focus of green building is creating a design that increases money saving, utility, durability and comfort Green Building is a long process that never ends. It starts with the design of your

Services and Quality

Phuket Technology & Service works hard to provide the best quality of service in home automation.   From the start to the final commissioning of your project, Phuket Technology & Service will assist you in all your automation needs. All your

Two bedrooms pool villa automation example

What are the best options to choose for a first step towards the automation of your home? Why these choices and for what purpose: economic, easy life, control? To enlighten you, let’s consider this example showing a tiny possibility of home automation which can be programmed to achieve any of your requirement. An ultimate option to live your dreams and to control your house just with one finger control button.

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