Blue Orchid Villa is a large pool villa located at Chang Talay, Phuket. This residence is composed of a main house for owner and 5 guest rooms in an outbuilding, plus a Thai Sala and a pool bar. House automation uses products coming from various brands. This allows responding perfectly to the customer’s requirements.

  • Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Audio multiroom
  • Remote control

As all equipment is KNX certified, the full integration and future evolutions are guaranteed. For example, when the owner leaves his house, with only one button, all light and music are switched OFF, curtains are closed and security lights are switched ON if it’s the night.

A discrete and beautiful color touchscreen is used to managed audio-diffusion and outdoor lighting (by scenes, individually or via smart timers). This product has 12 pages with 8 functions (96 functions in total). Each function can be parametrize. A remote control by Internet is available in standard for iOS or Android devices (no additional fee).

Audio Diffusion System provides music in 4 different areas. User can choose music from his audio library or iTunes playlist or directly listen one of 100,000 worldwide web-radios available! Of course, each area can listen to a different source!

  • Key Facts
  • Audio Diffusion in 4 areas, with Web Radio streaming
  • Remote Control from everywhere (worldwide) with smartphone/tablet Apps…
  • Components
  • All product are KNX certified
  • Full integration of audio diffusion
  • House Controller: Zennio Z41
  • Switches: Sensitive Glass Panel
  • Lightings: Switching, Dimming. Both with lighting scenes
Blue Orchid Pool Villa