In collaboration with HeadStart International School of Phuket, Phuket Technology & Services has installed a smart A/C system. Our solution brings comfort, energy savings and a better pedagogic environment.




Basically, A/C system will automatically be powered once the teacher enters the classroom and will stop at the end of the school’s day. During this time, temperature will be maintained at 25°C and might be switched off manually, for long break of lunch time for example.

Our solution provides full automation of any classroom temperature as par specific schedule programing.

Benefits compared to traditional A/C system are an important energy saving with lowest costs, a real comfort improvement, a healthier environment and a full control on expenses.

During the last 3 months, a prototype of Smart A/C has been tested inside the existing HeadStart School, with one classroom equipped. In another classroom close by, standard A/C has been kept and electricity consumption and temperature monitored in real-time.

Smart A/C: energy saving, heathy and comfort

Before each break which has been programmed, temperature is raised at 27°C and during the break itself, energy is saved and air keep dry as A/C has not been turned OFF. Just before students return to their classroom, temperature is set at 26°C. and A/C fan turned on with the result of a fresh sensation without being too cold while children are often wet after playing and running around during the break. A too cold temperature would increase chances to caching a cold. A few minutes later, our smart A/C will down the temperature to 25°C.

The teacher can adjust the final temperature (form -2°C to +2°C) with a remote control to obtain perfect conditions depending of specific activities.

Finally A/C is automatically turned off during lunch break and at the end of school’s day.


Our technical approach

We used KNX technology to monitor and manage the two classrooms (Smart A/C and traditional A/C).

A/C is controlled by a standard Fan-Coil actioner. It controls the A/C compressor (motor) and the fan speed. A remote control allows the teacher to manually switch on or turnoff A/C, to select the ideal fan speed and to adapt the final temperature.

A central touch panel controls the temperature schedule. It displays energy consumption and classroom’s temperature. It is connected to Internet and all information can be read on a smartphone or a tablet if using a secured connection. The whole system can be disabled just with one button, in case of long holiday period for example.




Up to 28% of electricity cost can be saved!

After a short time training and adaptation by the teacher, the result was much better than expected as up to 28% electricity consumption can be saved with this solution compared to a traditional system.


Results of Headstart's Smart A/C


All above could be done with an exact control of temperature depending of the real needs of the classroom. More energy can be saved by controlling lights, opening door sensors and with a good isolation (external walls and windows).

HeadStart tests Smart A/C