To register for one of our KNX training courses, you need to use the internet platform of KNX:

Please follow this guide, create a KNX user, and subscribe to a course. If you need more assistance, contact us!

1. Go to

2. Click on the «Create a MyKNX account» link and fill the form.

3. Select “My account” on the main menu, go to “Applications” tab and click on “Subscribe to a KNX certified course”.

4. In the search form, “I have received a course code from the Training Center.”, enter “Course identifier” and click Search

5. Finally, choose your date and click to “Subscribe”. Click “Confirm” on the confirmation page.

You will receive an e-mail for confirming your subscription to this training course. We will contact you soon for finishing all the administration tasks.

When we receive your deposit (minimum 50% of the total price), your registration will be confirmed and you will receive a voucher of 140€ for an “ETS Lite” license.

Thank you for choosing KNX and Phuket technology and services!