Phuket Technology & Service works hard to provide the best quality of service in home automation.

Quality and Services


From the start to the final commissioning of your project, Phuket Technology & Service will assist you in all your automation needs.

All your requests are tracked along the project life time. Since the design or during the pre-sale stage, any of your requirement is inventoried. This information will be used as a basis for the design, programming, testing, and final installation. This is a clear way to ensure that all your requests are taken into account.

All solutions proposed by our team have been tested in our workshop. If not, we would recommend to build a prototype which will tested and approved. We will test all automation equipment before delivering to the fitter (unit test). Once all automations are installed in your building, we will process a final test (integration test).

You can relax as Phuket Technology & Services guarantees the best that can be done in modern and reliable automation systems.