Tense Top Design


From Tense, belgian designer and manufacturer, high-quality touch switches in material, utility, beautiful and design. Choice of elegant and stylish.

Tense switches are sensitive touch pad (do not need to press, just touch) and product with high-grade materials in different materials: glass, metal, anodized aluminum, stone, Corian or wood and in different color these match to you luxury house. Choice one among 64 for different combination of material and color…


The contemporary INTENSITY switches exist in square frame with 1, 2 or 4 buttons orrectangular with 8 buttons. All have color LED feedback for each button. By touching simultaneously to zones/buttons, the additional function will be call. It typically used for a global OFF function.

  • INTENSITY alu-bronze family: alu white (painted), bronze, alu black and natural alu [from Left to right]


LED Display to visualize the different functions of your system by slide your two finger to see more light setting / blinds / shutters / audio / scenes / thermostat / info pages / room audio control

Tense Infinity Switch

For more informations about Tense INFINITY, watch the video above…


Tense Trimeless kit

The Tense TRIMLESS kit is a flush wall mounting option fro all INTENSIFY or INFINITY switches. It is also available for Tense socket frames. Suitable for all surfaces (brick / plasterboard / concrete), it which creates a unique look in every project.

Tense Trimless Example




Tense INVISIBLE switch opens a new dimension into the modern design architecture! Now the switch is fully integrated with the wall. The INVISIBLE meets the highest finishing standards and is suitable for all surfaces (brick, plasterboard, concrete) which creates a uniform look in every project.



With Tense socket frames, have style up to your wall sockets! There frames are available with the same materials and colors of switches. They exist in single, double or triple sockets with the EU standard (55x55mm).

Tense Socket frames