A KNX Automation installation has an assigned structure, with all devices communicating each other when required. It is not necessary to control it centrally. Nevertheless, technology allows to set up control stations that can show some specific functions in graphic format, allow remote operating as well as display some elements, which is called “Supervision“.

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Monitoring and controlling

A wide range of supervision products is available. The choice depends to your needs.

A nice residential house will use a scalable touch panel installed in a strategic place. Most of them offer a remote display on a smartphone or a tablet. This is a good solution in terms of quality, functionality and price.

For large luxury residence with an important amount of different functionalities, a “Black Box” supervisor will provide the “intelligent” part and display functions on a supervision screen. An iPad with wall fixation can be a good option in this case.

With commercial or industrial building, needs for supervision are growing fast. For more flexibility and efficiency, we recommend a solution based on a KNX Web-Supervisor. Display may not be well designed as for a residential solution, but it is easier to use and more efficient.

Most of solutions come wiht a remote control available so that you can connect your smartphone or tablet to your supervision tool  anywhere around the word with an Internet connection.



Energy dashboard

Energy dashboard is the first step to be a green building. Reducing energy and natural ressources consumption is feasible once you understand which item uses the most power and how to minimize it. This is what the Energy Dashboard is for. Once you get this information, you can use it to adjust the energy consumption.


Energy Dashboard
Example of a typically Energy Dashboard


Technology gateway

Advanced supervision can be connected to many different automation systems (KNX, Lutron, Bticino MyHome, Chrestron, EnOcean, ZigBee …). It can communicate data between two different systems. Supervision tools dedicated to residential homes are compatible with most used audio/video systems and integrate a media-server functionality.



Hypervision is a higher dimension of supervision. A Supervision is a general and centralized system which monitors or controls a site (residence or building).  Hypervision provides you global worldwide tools to monitor, manage and control several automation sites in different locations. As an example, for a large hotel group, an hypervision can report, adapt, aggregate and provide data into the Data Managing System of the company.  Data collected from different  buildings (water and electricity consumption, A/C running time, stepping temperature, …) can be crosschecked with other like room occupation, financial data …It will used by regional or global managers to consolidate their worldwide figures and act consequently.

Supervision and hypervision
Implementation with local supervision and global hypervision