KNX and Phuket Technology & Services allow you several ways to manage pool, spa and backyard functions. All you have to do is defining your personal needs. KNX and Phuket Technology & Services will manage your pool. Your internal controller will communicate with web-enabled computers or handheld Wi-Fi devices in your home and monitor all pool functions. KNX and Phuket Technology Services permits your pool and spa controller to communicate with your home automation system.

Swimming Pool image

Whether you are home or on the road, you can check pool and spa settings, adjust parameters and receive an automatic alert if something goes wrong. You can manage pH and salinization to achieve the perfect water chemistry, turn up the lights on and off, activate the spa and more, all while saving energy.

KNX and Phuket Technology Services home automation can control following functions of your swimming pool:

  • Pumps: detects eventual problems with the main pump
  • Alert for low and high level of water
  • Lights:  ON/OFF , dimming , scheduled scenes, remote control, underwater RGB lighting, spa or waterfalls activation
  • Chemical: pH, ORP or DTS analysis, check/display water temperature.
  • Audio: underwater audio from any source
  • Energy monitoring: You can display pump energy usage and take action if the consumption is too high


All above informations can be made accessible on your smartphone or tablet in real time.