Pool House

Kitchen/Living room

The digital switch/display installed at the entrance allows you to control all functionalities of your villa. Lighting, A/C, fans as well as electrical consumption can be monitored with the touch panel. Being 100% programmable, it will also control the swimming pool, the blinds, automatic gates… It depends on your choice.

Inside a luxury houseFunctionalities:

  • Dimming & switching lighting control (in two different areas)
  • ON/OFF control of light mechanism of the kitchen
  • ON/OFF control of a socket in the leaving room
  • Integration of two standard lights in the kitchen
  • ON/OFF independent control of two ceiling fans
  • A/C control
  • Advanced lighting scenes


Each bedroom has a 6 digital touch panel and a temperature control. These switches are functionally and graphically personalized.


  • Dimming of the ceiling lights up to a maximum 300 W (6 x 50 W halogen bulbs)
  • Control of two bed light sockets 1, 3.
  • Integration of two switches.
    ON/OFF independent control of two ceiling fans
  •  A/C control


Lights of the two bathrooms will automatically turn on when you enter in. They will adjust to the existing daylight. At night the intensity will be lowered. If necessary it will be possible to control it manually.


  • Dimming of the ceiling lights up to a maximum 300 W (6 x 50 W halogen bulbs)
  • ON/OFF control of the spots over the mirror
  • Integration of a standard switch at the door


The outside lights are automatically controlled by the timer that can easily be modified with the digital touch panel .
Two switches in the carpark allow to select the chosen arrival or leaving configuration in your house automation (lights, fans, curtains, A/C…)

Bali Villa outsideFunctionalities:

  • ON/OFF control of the surrounding walls.
  • ON/OFF control of the garden’s lights
  • ON/OFF control of the swimming pools deck’s light
  • ON/OFF control of the car park’s lights
  • Motion detector in the car park
  • Integration of one pair of switches for arrival or leaving configuration
  • Advanced lighting scenes

Electrical consumption

kes20Be instantaneously informed about the real power consumption and current charges.


  • Can measure 3 single phases of consumption

Remote control

Your home automation can be fully controlled from your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re on your sunbed next to your pool or abroad during a business trip, you  have access to all automation functions.